Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coalition goes ***POOF!***

And just like that, Jack Layton realized he'd never be in government.

ON WITH THE DEFICIT SPENDINGY GOODNESSAGE!!!!! God knows with single digit unemployment, we just GOTTA do something!!!

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff
Gives The Thumbs Up To Deficit
Spending His Party's Complicity In
Screwing Future Generations.

Conservatism is dead

It truly, truly is dead and buried, isn't it?

Being that I'm a middle aged man, I remember a recession less than thirty years ago where Canada could have only dreamed of a 6.9% unemployment rate (it was double-digit then) and1% inflation not to mention the lowest interest rates in Canadian history.

Yet here it is, an orgy of spending that would even make Trudeau do a double take!

Now I'm sympathetic to Harper's government in that he's got a minority and has to bring down this budget to remain in power, but really... is it worth remaining in government when you're going to lose the next election anyway? Better to have fallen on his sword and let the Liberals take over so they can wear the blame for the recession. (Even though government in Canada didn't create it... voters don't make that distinction.)

Who would have thunk it only six months ago? I'll close by saying that I think everyone in Ottawa (from the politicians to the pundits) has forgotten their history. This recession bears little resemblance to the one in the early 1980's. People aren't supporting 15% interest on their mortgage payments and the 6.9% unemployment rate we're currently experiencing is a fart in the breeze compared to back then.

Yep, Conservatism is dead in Canada, and so is Stephen Harper's future as Prime Minister. He's going to wear the blame for the recession whether he likes it or not and his party is going to lose the next election. About the only good thing I can predict at this point, is the NDP will probably be reduced to 9 or so seats when it happens and I won't have to see Karate-Chopping Jack Layton on the boob tube anymore because he's be done like dinner.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Inaugural Address

Holy $#@$!

Hell of a speech. I hope he pulls it off.

(TGV wonders quietly whether any Canadian
Federal Leader could pull off a speech like that. Between the nasally drone of Ignatieff, the flat accountant voice of Harper or the karate chopping of Layton, it's hard to imagine any Canadian leader presenting a speech as inspiring as Obama's. Is it any wonder Canadians love the guy and wish we had a guy like him in our country?)

To those who loathe Americans, take a good hard look at your television set. There's two million people in that mall in Washington and while we're quick to condemn America for being too American, everything in Obama's speech rings true. Today is a good day to be an American. Today is a good day for all of us, I think.

I wish the new President and all Americans luck. This inaugural address was a call to service and I hope everyone listening takes him up on it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Harper to blame for deficit: Iggy

Okay, I was gonna give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but it's pretty clear that Iggy is on crack.

I know this because apparently Michael Ignatieff (who we still don't yet know how HIS plan to address the growing economic crisis differs from Harper because everything he's been espousing seems to mirror everything Harper and Flaherty are saying, but I digress..) seems to have forgotten a couple of important factors:

a) The federal surplus was generated in part by ripping off Canadians for years by overcharging EI despite Sheila Fraser demanding the Liberals stop doing it

b) Even if Harper hadn't dropped the GST and spent like a drunken sailor in a whore house, we'd STILL be facing a deficit.

Very simply, Jesus Christ himself could have been running the government for the past three years, this economic crisis is unprecedented in my lifetime and, for example, automakers would still need a bailout, we'd still be talking about major infrastructure programs (read: make work) to keep people employed and stop them from drowning in their quagmire's of self-amassed personal debt.

But yes, blame Harper - by all means.

Crack must be cheap these days in Liberal circles, what with deflation and all...